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Parquet soap "white" for Edelweiss parquet (1 liter)

Parquet soap "white" for Edelweiss parquet (1 liter)

VAT Included |

The parquet soap is matched to Edelweiss parquet. The soap cleans the oxidatively oiled surface gently and effectively. The natural vegetable fats have one  slightly moisturizing effect. This protects the pores of the wood and makes the Edelweiss parquet dirt and water repellent. The white pigments in the soap also protect the wood from yellowing. Suitable for white-oiled Edelweiss parquet and soaped wood surfaces, especially suitable for soft / coniferous woods.

colour: White
  • Parquet soap matched to white oiled Edelweiss parquet. Quality from Woca.  Coverage / liter 320-400m2.

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