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Care set for white oiled Edelweiss parquet

Care set for white oiled Edelweiss parquet

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Do you own Edelweiss parquet? We are happy about that and it makes maintenance easier for you, because this is very easy. With the care set you have everything you need to clean and care for the oiled wooden surface. This set is for white oiled wood. The "natural set" is the right choice for colored or naturally oiled parquet.


A cleaning bucket with approx. 5 liters of cleaning solution is sufficient for an average rental apartment. With a mixing ratio of 1:40 (125ml soap / care to 5 liters of water), the care set is sufficient for a total of 10 applications - clean 8 times and maintain 2 times.

colour: White
  • Care set tailored to Edelweiss parquet - in Woca quality:

    • Parquet soap white (1000ml)
    • Parquet care white (250ml)
    • Polishing cloth for small areas such as furniture
    • Care instructions with tips & tricks for floor care
    • everything packed in a practical storage box

    Please use the "Set white" only for white oiled parquet. If you are unsure, ask us or your floor installer for advice.

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