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Spray mop - the handy wiping system for Edelweiss parquet

Spray mop - the handy wiping system for Edelweiss parquet

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Edelweiss parquet is easy to maintain. So why carry heavy buckets that also require a lot of storage space? The spray mop is the ideal partner for Edelweiss parquet care. It works very elegantly without a bucket, because the tank is integrated in the handle.

  • Edelweiss parquet is so easy to clean and maintain with the spray mop

    Prepare the mop
    Wet the mop fringe and attach it to the mopping plate with the Velcro fastener. Mix the care or soap solution in the bottle supplied. Open the tank at the end of the shaft under the spray button (screw cap). Fill the handle with the solution - the bottle corresponds to the tank volume - close the cap and the mop is ready for use.

    Wipe up the parquet with the spray mop
    The spray function is triggered by pressing the button at the end of the handle. The solution is sprayed onto the floor just in front of the mop, as long as the button is held down. Always let the mop slide in the same direction so that the dirt stays in the fringe and isn't spread out. For large areas, rinse out the fringe from time to time.

    tips and tricks

    • Use multiple mop fringes for larger floor areas. The fringes do not have to be rinsed out and the hands stay clean. The fringes can be quickly replaced and machine washable.
    • Empty the tank completely if it is not used for a long time. Care products containing oils and pigments stick to the end of the handle and can clog the nozzles (applies to white / natural parquet care and white soap).
    • The spray device keeps tight, the mop can be stored for a short time with a full "stomach" without any problems and is ready for the next use.
    • The release button can be locked against accidental activation by pulling in the opposite direction.

    1x handle with built-in tank
    1x wiper plate with Velcro connection
    1x mop fringe made of cotton with Velcro connection
    1x bottle for mixing and filling the tank (500ml)

  • Ordered by 2 p.m., with you the following day.

    Because of the long handle, the product is sent as bulky goods by DPD.

    Please ensure that you or an authorized third party can receive the package in person.

    Deliveries on Saturday or at a certain time are not possible with DPD.

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