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In the company’s own production facilities, employees with long-standing experience in wood finishing translate the surfaces, which have been developed especially for more demandingcustomers, into fi nished products. The growing conditions for each tree are different, so every wooden parquet floorboard is unique. Accordingly, surface treatment demands exceptional skillsand know how as well as a fine understanding of the raw material. The specialists at Holzpunkt AG refine the premium parquet flooring in the plant with an oiled surface that delivers the ultimate performance in terms of durability, resilience and dirt resistance. In the process, direct contact withthe wood is preserved – just like untreated wood, the surface remains breathable and is completely natural.


Sustainable forestry and a transparent declaration of origin are important to the family business. The parquet used for production meets the strict guidelines of FSC® or natureplus® wherever possible. The Swiss stone pine and larch are SwissMade® certified and are felled according to traditional knowledge in harmony with the phase of the moon.


In the Swiss surface manufacture, Holzpunkt AG refines untreated premium parquet from southern Germany, Sweden, Poland and Switzerland and is subject to the European Timber Trade Directive (EUTR). The specific declarations can be found in the product catalog.

The surface treatment products used by WOCA Denmark have been tested and approved by the German Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim. By using products that are harmless in terms of building biology, Holzpunkt AG guarantees that Edelweiss parquet ensures a sustainable, healthy living environment that you can enjoy with your family without a care in the world.

Edelweiss Parkett Albi Graf


40 years ago, Albi Graf, founder of Holzpunkt AG, was looking intensively for a parquet surface that would optimally protect the wood while fully preserving its naturalness. He researched a surface protection that is beneficial to the aesthetics and fully preserves the sensuality of wood. He found what he was looking for in the surface technology of oxidative oiling and, within a few years, conquered the Swiss market with the oiled parquet surfaces.

As a logical continuation of the company's history, the entrepreneurial family invested in 2012/13 with an unbroken pioneering spirit in their own surface manufacture with production facilities in Switzerland. - The hour of birth of
Edelweiss parquet.

Edelweiss Parkett Martin Graf


In the second generation, the son and company successor Martin Graf skilfully applies this passion for the design of natural parquet surfaces in the surface manufacture
in Balterswil. In an extensive series of tests, he developed a secret procedure for maximum penetration of the wood with oil. Edelweiss parquet preserves the sensual naturalness of the wood surface with maximum protection. - The wooden surfaces produced in the manufactory exceed the high demands of the Swiss market and have enjoyed great success since market launch. This prompts the company to also export the Swiss quality product.

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